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Send Text To Speech In Hindi And English

Target your potential customers with the Text to Speech technology An advanced way to increase your customer base.

India’s Leading Text To Speech Service Provider

Datagen bestows the advanced text-to-speech services to those who aim to increase its customer base and that too with utmost satisfaction and user-friendly experience.

Language Support

Our tech team will create a customised TTS software which can convert the text into both the English and Hindi language.

Full Support

Delivering your software does not mean our job done because we work in the long run and provide full support.

High impact solutions

Comprehends and perceives the requirements to offer the best solutions and create potential marketing software.

Tech experts

Working with the tech experts who have a profound experience in this platform.

Winning Marketing Technology for high ROI

Start targeting your customers of the diverse regions including the non-educated and handicapped ones or those who are unable to access your service due to such reasons. Just know TTS benefits in brief and clear once.

User-friendly experience

Reduce the human agent workload and gives a user-friendly and personalised experience.


Giving space this technology boosts your customer reach without spending much on operations.

Increase Web Presence

With the advance tool, you can target customers all the sections including illiterates and people with physical impairment.

Targets Global market

The customisable, clear and lifelike voice of text to speech technology extends your customer reach in the global market.

Effective branding

Supports consistent and emotional branding across the multiple contact points.


A web or cloud-based technology on the platform of SaaS (Software as a Service) platform in which the online content can be converted easily and quickly into speech.


TTS (Text-To-Speech) works both in the cloud and on-premise through it can be scaled easily according to industry needs.

Easy Maintenance

Due to its advanced functionalities, it demands less maintenance and also saves development efforts.

Datagen- Best TTS service provider

At Datagen we have a team of best tech experts who have sound knowledge in all the tidbits of TTS technology.

Know what makes us best among all

  • Mail management- All the mail database are managed properly for transparent business operations.

  • Customer Tracking- Never want that your potential customer will be lost, that’s why we do customer tracking.

  • Affordable- We have the affordable pricing range which never let you dig deeper into the pocket.

  • Support- The full -time support is given to our clients with no ifs and buts.

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