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Bulk SMS Services for Media and Entertainment

Bulk SMS is a direct, effective & modern communication system. Use Datagen Bulk SMS Service and start sending Bulk SMS, to attract your audience and to achieve your targets.

Datagen bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

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Bulk SMS Service

Garb the response from the users if they are liking your tv show, movie, album, new release or not. News TV channels are also send Bulk SMS to the audience to know about their opinion with the Help of Datagen Bulk SMS Service.


With the Help of our this service you can easily notify your team members and staff regarding changes in schedule, venue, cast .Using the Bulk SMS services to save time, efforts, money and resources and to manage your work properly.

Build a Relationship Build a Relationship

With the use of Datagen Bulk SMS Service you can easily communicate through Bulk SMS Service with users. Even Media and entertainment companies are widely using Bulk SMS services effortlessly and finding these services to be very productive, economical and more customers centric while spreading information.

Promote Discount offers Promote Discount offers

You can send promotional SMS as well discounts and regularly provide to attract more users like for moviegoers, your SMS should include ‘buy one movie ticket and get one ticket free.

End Minute Ticket Sales

If in case you have some empty seats left in your multiplex or event, you can rapidly filled the same with the help of Datagen Bulk Sms Service including the more attractive offer.

Drive Traffic to Your Website Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you have your personal website, you can easily send a promotional SMS with the use of our service to the target users offers a link to your site.And remember one thing Always use short links to attract users and wait for some time to see the effectiveness of the campaigns.


With Datagen Bulk SMS Service Send details about events, competitions, shows, the new launch of TV show, movie, album to users and reach more audience.

Establish Contact with Ad Agencies Establish Contact with Ad Agencies

With the help of Datagen Bulk SMS Service, you can easily share documents like advertisement rate cards, media kits, TRP ratings in the SMS itself.

Increase Your Brand Presence Increase Your Brand Presence

If you starting a news app or online magazine or even a brand, you can scale up the promotions by attaching the download link in the SMS. This will guide to more readability and faster consumer attraction.

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