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Scalable Voice API and Bulk Voice Call Services

Leverage advanced technology of today and get the best marketing benefit. Datagen offers you the best-automated voice service.

Bulk Voice Call Service Features

Lead Generation

The advance Bulk voice call technology enables you to connect with thousands of customers directly. Your voice call gets connected with the customer care and when the call gets answered, it’s listened by the customers.


Conduct business surveys and derive client’s feedback efficiently by utilising the best use of technology. Our Bulk voice call includes the advanced key impressions features like press 1, 2 or 3

Emergency Notification

Never let the users miss their any major or minor information like OTPs. The significant alert of bank transactions, schools or even anything else where you can’t take the risk of getting any information missed.

Delivery Notification

Send voice SMS to your clientele and get a delivery notification too. If the message gets fail due to any reason, then voice SMS will be used as an alternative text SMS to make sure the message is delivered to all the end-users with no ifs and buts.

Send Fast Voice OTP Service or substitute it for SMS failure

Voice SMS has become an integral part of the business industries today. At the same cost of SMS, they are using voice SMS, so that all the requirements can be met effectively.

Bulk Voice Call

Business is strengthening their role in the market with their fast and efficient pre-recorded voice calls which are sent to hundreds in bulk at once.

Voice OTP Service On Call

It’s a voice-based OTP, used as a two-factor authentication tool. It allows the business to generate missed call OTP based alert for the customers.

Future Scheduling

Our advanced voice call platform enables you to schedule the voice campaign in future dates and timings. It will be broadcasted automatically on the scheduled time.

Bulk Voice Call IVR

With IVR bulk voice call you can record your voice message in the known languages like Hindi and English for the mobile and landline numbers as well.

MultiKey Input Voice Calls

Our voice call broadcast platform is the most efficient and even cheaper where you can record multiple voice message.

Voice Call Rescheduling

The voice calls can be rescheduled again for another date or time.

Instant Delivery

All the voice call messages are delivered within the span of a few seconds.

User-friendly Panel

We have designed a user-friendly panel which can be managed and operated with ease.

Top class voice call service

Working with the best tech experts who are well-versed in this platform. We strive hard to serve the best bulk voice call services so that you can attain best business profits and promote your brand effectively in the market.

Benefits of Bulk Voice call Service
  1. Bulk voice call is easy to get a Speedy response from the consumers through using the interactive capabilities.
  2. A bulk voice call incorporates significantly more feeling than an instant message. In this way, you will actually want to set a customized and incredibly captivating tone for your bulk voice messages.

  • Mail management

    All the mail database are managed properly for transparent business operations.

  • Customer Tracking

    Never want that your potential customer will be lost, that’s why we do customer tracking.

  • Affordable

    We have the affordable pricing range which never let you dig deeper into the pocket.

  • Support

    The full -time support is given to our clients with no ifs and buts.

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