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Free Bulk SMS WordPress Plugin

Easily Send SMS From Your WordPress Website With Our Free Plugin

Start sending personalised SMS alerts to your customers with our invoices, shipment tracking links, feedback surveys and do even more with our free WordPress bulk SMS plugin. Keep your customers updated with every tidbit of their order with the timely SMS alerts. Just download and install our free bulk SMS WordPress plugin and send automated alerts to your customers effortlessly with your web.

Features of our SMS WordPress Plugin

Send promotional messages

Our WordPress SMS plugin offers you amazing features and shares the full status of SMS you sends. You can keep your customers updated with our automated SMS notifications. Share every update from placing an order to delivery confirmation and check the status in the plugin by simply viewing the log history of their order.

    Following status update SMS will be shared when:
  • ➢ New placed order
  • ➢ Order complete
  • ➢ Order cancelled
  • ➢ Order closed
  • ➢ Order edited
  • ➢ Reordered
  • ➢ Invoice raised
  • ➢ Shipment
  • ➢ New customer registration event message
  • ➢ Forgot/reset password option event message
  • ➢ Customer newsletter subscription event message
  • ➢ Customer review on the product and its event message
  • ➢ Multiple events adding features that can be defined by the customers
  • ➢ PayPal transactions event message
  • ➢ Inbuilt reporting dashboard
  • ➢ Display and store error logs when message delivery fails

Amazing customisation options

Customise SMS text according to your preferences and add store name, order status, order amount etc. via our plugin.

SMS notification configuration is possible for both the customer and admin.

Screenshot of Plugin

Datagen Benefits

  • ➔ Free customer sender IDs
  • ➔ Top class speed and delivery rates
  • ➔ Authentic and accurate real-time delivery reports
  • ➔ Clear and affordable rates with no hidden charges
  • ➔ Enterprise-ready reliability
  • ➔ Fully secure
  • ➔ Robust infrastructure
  • ➔ Fanatic customer support

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