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Email Validation Services

Email validation services aka as email verification is simply a verification process of email’s accuracy and quality.

Potential Customers

Removes the wrong or non-existent subscribers from the list and targets the real customers.

Customer Engagement

Helps in prioritising the accurate picture of the customer’s interest.

Decrease Bounce Rates

By removing the undeliverable email addresses from the email, you will find no hard bounces.

Increase Campaign ROI

The well-targeted users will find your services relevant and are more likely to purchase your services.

India’s Best Email Validation Service Provider

At Datagen, we bestow the best and efficient email validation services which aim to target the right set of users and boost ROI.

Many times it may happen with your that by following all the important measures, you have scheduled your e-mail campaigns but as a result, they all get jumped into the junk folders. Besides this, you have also noticed that many of these have n't delivered on time. Why this mess? The reason being this mess is the invalid or fake email addresses of your e-mail contact list. These fake email accounts are well enough to diminish the success of email campaigns and even increases the bounce rate.

Our high tech tool helps you to sort out these problems and increase your customer reach. You will find a high reduction in your email bounce rate and boost your campaign ROI well.

Datagen Email validation activities

Our highly innovative mechanism of email validation performs email clean up time to time. There will be no more unwanted or invalid junk emails.

Know our email validation activities in brief.
  • Invalid email formats identification
  • Correct spelling mistakes, data entry errors and typo errors
  • Categorisation of wrong emails with reasons
  • Validates DNS checking
  • SMTP account validation
  • Email domain status check with full accuracy

Why Choose Datagen Email Validation Services?

Datagen tech experts do complete data verification twice with Data Mining. This is done to ensure that data is fit and ready for use. Our email validation tool keeps the database updated and validates data as well with no inconsistency.

Our Salient Features:
  • Inbuilt with complete analytics to track bounce rate, spam traps and opt-outs
  • Personal dashboard for data accessing and reporting 24x7
  • Data validation of the lists of any size
  • Industries best practices to keep email lists in compliance

Datagen- Best Email validation service provider

We aim to take your business to the next level with our advanced software and transparent working process.

Know what makes us best among all
  • Mail management- All the mail database are managed properly for transparent business operations.
  • Customer Tracking- Never want that your potential customer will be lost, that’s why we do customer tracking.
  • Affordable- We have the affordable pricing range which never let you dig deeper into the pocket tracking.
  • Support- The full -time support is given to our clients with no ifs and buts.

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