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Datagen-India’s most trusted platform for sending Google verified messages

Businesses send thousands of messages every day to communicate with their customers. Here sometimes it becomes difficult to trust these messages. These senders are often random numbers and many times it contains misleading messages.

Our Datagen experts add a security layer to these messages via Google verified SMS process that makes the texts safe and trustworthy.

Engage customers with the branded and Google verified texts

Google verified SMS helps the businesses to improve their user experience by sending trustworthy messages to the users that prevent scams and build user’s trust.

Every message is verified on a per-message basis, by checking the contents twice send by the business. When a message gets verified then the user will see the business name, its logo and a verification badge in the SMS thread.

All the communications between Google and businesses are completely safe and most importantly the message contents are never shared with Google.

Curb spam texts with ease

Identifying spam texts is not as easy as its name sounds, but Google verified SMS allows you to do this with ease. All the spam texts send in mobile can be identified easily with the verification process. Whenever a user receives a text from an unknown number then it gets verified with Google first in which user will see its business name, logo and a verification badge in the SMS thread.

At Datagen, you will be given the full assistance in sending trustworthy SMS to the customers that build trust and boost user experience.

Comprehensive bulk SMS service platform

Being the best bulk SMS service provider in the city, we assure our clients that their no message will get jumped into spam or considered irrelevant by the users. Simply our motive is to increase sales and profits by giving utmost satisfaction to both the business and its customers.

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