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Transactional SMS Products and Services

Enable engaging seamlessly across 30+ channels using a Single Dashboard

Best Transactional SMS Service

Keep your customers informed with their critical notification. At Datagen we offer the best services to the industries belonging from various niches.

Send SMS 24x7

Unlike promotional SMS you are no more restricted with the timings, you can send the transactional SMS anytime.

Delivery Report

Check the confirmation and performance sent with our detailed SMS delivery reports.

Customised SMS

Send customised SMS to the user of their customised information like balance due, order status etc. for the personalised experience.

DND Allowed

Also, send the transactional SMS to the DND listed customers as it contains their critical information.

Use transactional SMS for your industry

Improve your customer experience with our end to end transactional SMS service. No matter which business niche you belong, now it’s being used proactively in all the industries.


Keep your clients updated with their order status, discounts, promotions, discounts, offers and many more details via SMS.

Financial Institutions

Notify your customers about their account status like available balance, transactions etc.

Food & Hospitality

Use the transactional SMS service for inviting the people at your events, flight delays, visa information, updating the guests with the latest travel deals etc.

Educational Institution

Send timely notifications to the students and parents with the help of transactional SMS messages.

Real Estate

Transactional SMS alerts for the customers about their registration details and project details. Also, intimate them about the other information like property related fairs and listings.


Send reminder to the patients about their appointments, pending mediclaim, vaccination alerts, preventive check-ups, latest health camp and more.


Create a secure supply chain by providing continuous information to the customers, drivers and delivery people.


Enhance your customer experience by keeping them informed with all the important details like payment reminders, scheduled services, upcoming launches etc.

No. 1 Transactional SMS Service

Datagen is a leading transactional SMS service provider in India and working in this platform from years. Our team of skilled tech experts execute your SMS marketing activities well and at the same time keep the customers updated with all their important information. We work according to the industry standards at an affordable price.

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