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Bulk SMS Service for Event Managers

Datagen can mold the path you can manage an can be brought down on mediators by reaching out to users directly if only its to promote an event, send tickets or even feedback.

Datagen bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

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Bulk sms service

Use transactional SMS for your industry

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Improve teamwork Improve teamwork

Bulk SMS services can also be used to increase internal communication.when an event is organized properly, the members are happy and users are also happy. With the datagen Bulk Sms Service stimulate your staff members to send short text notifications and keep the rest of the team members up to date on the process.

Instant customer feedback Instant customer feedback

With using Datagen Bulk SMS Service you can get a quick response when the event is still fresh in the minds by sending a feedback form as soon as the event finished. with this service, you can easily get to know how your workshops are going in user prospects.

Attract your Users Attract your Users

Users react better when they are kept engaged and sprightly to attend the event. With Datagen you can do some attractive highlights of the event with the Bulk SMS. If in case the venue is too far, then you can also attach a location map in the SMS for more convenience.

Attract your Users Send exciting promotional campaigns

With the Datagen bulk SMS service, advertising and event management houses find their work easier and much convenient. Even with our Bulk SMS Service, you can promote your event by sending Bulk SMS messages to your users via SMS. You can attach documents of brochures, pamphlets, website links in the attachment.

Connect more people in seconds Connect more people in seconds

Our Bulk SMS Service is one of the ways which can connect to more people at a single click. You can send SMS to all your users at once.

Send timely event alerts Send timely event alerts

With using our Bulk SMS Service you can send alerts to your users regarding the date, time, venue of the event. In place of calls or sending emails, you can send timely reminders through Bulk SMS is a better approach to connect with your users.

Single screen mobile tickets Single screen mobile tickets

Say no to paper and long queues to collect tickets, Save paper and your time with Datagen by sending tickets for the event in the Bulk SMS Service, which can also be scanned at the venue.

Voice OTP Voice OTP

Update your clients about their orders, product launches, discounts, promotions and other details via SMS.

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