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Bulk SMS Service for Government & Public Utilities

Our Bulk SMS services are used in public sectors to develop service delivery networks, drive public awareness, payment notification for electric bills, telephone bills, water bills or many more. With the use of the Datagen Bulk SMS Service, government administration and the public both can gain to save a life, improve social protection, cleanliness awareness.

Datagen bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

Datagen bulk SMS service
Cut the Queues Cut the Queues

Say No to Long Queues. Datagen Bulk SMS Service offers, You can invite users to send their request for several documents like tax details, forms for registration, and documents for enrollment into certain schools or colleges; all through Bulk SMS Service.

Two-Way Communication Two-Way Communication

Bulk SMS Service behave as two-way communication between the government and the people. For a democratic nation like India, bulk SMS is the most convenient process to know about the opinion of individuals.

Send Quick Alerts to Help People Send Quick Alerts to Help People

Traffic jams, a sudden downpour or few other kinds of emergencies can possess the movement of people. With Datagen Bulk SMS Service send them SMS and alert to make use of some other way to get their right way.

Say Goodbye to Call Centers Say Goodbye to Call Centers

With the Help of Datagen Bulk SMS Service, you don't need of a call center executive when the details Can be taken by an SMS itself. This Service will also save you valuable amount and money.

Gather Feedback Gather Feedback

One of the main objectives of the government zone is giving welfare and useful services to its citizens. But are these services actually reaching the citizens or not, this remains always only a question. With the help of Datagen Bulk SMS Service Government sectors can send Bulk SMS with the attached we blink of the feedback form.

Guide the Public Guide the Public

Use Datagen Bulk SMS Service and tell peoples about the exact location of the services and you can send an attachment to indicate the road map from the nearest point. Most of the time it happens, when the public needs your help in locating a particular public utility service in a given locality.

Remind About Dues Remind About Dues

With Our Bulk SMS Service, you can notify users about payment dues i.e tax, electricity bill, water bill, and many more dues. It will prove more convincing if you attach a payment link along with the SMS. This will also benefit the can make the payment quickly without any delay or late charge.

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