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5 Top Benefits of Transactional SMS

With the advancement of technologies, the communication modes have changed. The written letter has been brought into a technological edge. The arrival of mobile phones has brought a complete change in our communication. A single SMS or Voice call too are well-enough to convey messages.

Now, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives as it’s a part of everyone’s life. Imagining a life without it is completely impossible. Then what if we will use it for our business purpose as there are many small and large scale industries are leveraging it for earning the best profit. If we talk about business then here the name of the transactional message is quite popular.

Before jumping on its importance, let’s understand the meaning of transactional SMS

Transactional messages are the messages which are sent to the customer regarding the product or services they have purchased or applied for. For eg., a bank always sends a message whenever you do a transaction. Similarly, many industries like e-commerce stores, healthcare and many more are using transactional SMS services to give their customers the best user experience.

Let’s also know the places where and at which place transactional SMS can be used:

  • Business
  • Bank alerts
  • Sharing Information to members
  • Updates
  • Information for parents
  • Payment reminders
  • Stock updates
  • Hired vehicle intimation
  • Ticket booking updates
  • Sharing Offers to the opt-in members
  • Online shopping information
  • Membership management

Now, let’s look at the benefits of transactional SMS:

Data conveyance in brief - The best advantage of utilising the transactional SMS is that it delivers the messages instantly to the customers and that too in a brief form. It’s a high-value based SMS platform which even helps in keeping the customers engaged. These messages are regarded as helpful when it comes to sharing the critical prompt data to the clients. The advancement of this platform is the real-time delivery of the messages to the clients.

Essential for commercial sectors - Though the transactional SMS is the best platform for all the business industries but in commercial sectors, it’s more important. For e.g. e-commerce can send the ordered product notifications, railways can send PNR status messages, banks can send dire notice to their customers.

24x7 SMS Service - No matter at what time a user is making transactions, ordering products etc. but the transactional message will be delivered on the real-time to the users. Then isn’t it interesting? Definitely yes because this keeps the users informed and even gives the organisation a trustworthy recognition.

Boost Customer Engagement- Promotional SMS doesn't just give you the chance to engage with your customer but it also gives them a chance and a medium to engage with your business. It makes them feel that your business is more accessible and offer reliable services. In short, your business becomes a part of their lives which remains always present in their mobile phones in the form of SMS that prompts them always to remember you.

Connects DND clients - Another best advantage of transactional SMS services is that it connects the DND administrated customers too and send auspicious details to them.

Go Green - Keep all the above benefits aside and use this platform for this benefit. This will also spread the social message among the customers. So, give this service space in your business platform and achieve the best business results. After knowing all these benefits, you will be well enough to understand the importance of transactional SMS in the business world.


In this article, we have showcased all the business aspects of transactional SMS service. The instant service of this platform is transforming the industries day by day and making the things available at their fingertips. There are many companies in the market which are providing the transactional SMS service and Datagen is one of them. They are known for providing quality services to their clients. So, if you have also made your mind then contact them today and get the best business benefit.

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