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5 Simple Tips To Send Effective SMS Campaigns

Running an effective SMS campaign is not as easy it seems because not all SMS campaigns are created equal. Each SMS campaign is different and depends upon the business niche. For e.g., if you have an e-commerce store, then you need to create campaigns regularly to keep your customers engaged plus informed about your business. These campaigns are based on offers and important messages.

If you are also on the board of SMS marketing and make up your mind to utilise mobile technology for business profits then have an in-depth reading of this article. Here, we have mentioned the best tips that you can follow and run an effective SMS campaign.

Create SMS marketing team-

Well, teamwork is important in every job and when it comes to SMS marketing then its much needed because of the large customer base. There are only one or a few people that can handle this task efficiently. Your team includes SM S marketing expert, a retail expert, digital creative designers, promotions specialists, coordinators for on-location signage, promotion specialist, and more depending upon the business. Among these members, there should be coordination also because meeting the SMS timeline i.e. immediate delivery is important. Your team should work closely and communicate regularly about the plans, strategies and implementation. The greater and effective your SMS team, the best and great results you reap.

Know customer behaviour-

For measuring the success of your SMS campaign, use CRM (Customer Relationship Management). With it, you will be able to measure the success rate of your messages. The tool will allow you to analyze the purchase history and demographics based on the location of the customers. Be careful about the SMS content and the location you are targeting for eg. you have an online cosmetic store with a local customer base of your own city and you are sending the texts to customers living out of the city from where they can't access your services. So, analyse your customer behaviour and send bulk messages to those where your services are accessible and they are even looking for it. Including this, keep your SMS content promotional but informative that gives them the personalised user-experience.

Write clear message

Now let's get to the point: the text message should be of 160 characters only if possible then keep it shorter. Including this make sure the text is clear and concise, written in an easy language. Also avoid the emoticons, all capitalised text and abbreviations. Never send open-ended messages, these are the messages which are incomplete and focuses on the goal. The success rate of these SMS is low due to the less informative texts. For eg. you have sent a message and informing users about the sale but no specific date of its launching and expiration is given. This will give customers no idea about your offer. The texts containing important information are always encouraged and yields the best results.

Use CTA (Call-to-Action) Buttons

CTA buttons will keep your customers engaged with the texts and that’s exactly what you want. A customer valuing the texts yo have send, reading them, interacting with them, engaged with it and even acting on it are just that every business require.

Following are some Call-to-Action examples:

➢ "Show this text"- Ask the customers to show the text for earning a discount is the best and effective way of engaging them with your promotion. For eg. Show this text for 60% off your shopping".

➢ "Text-to -Vote"- Engage your customer with the mobile polling to scale your business performance in the terms of service, price, quality and many more.

➢ "Buy now"- "- It's always been the perfect and winning CTA button for sending the targeted messages. If you know a customer behaviour for the particular products then "Buy now" will make it more effective and convenient to buy.

➢ "Click here"- Sometimes there is no enough space given in SMS message for including all the information that your user needs. For eg., you are organising an event and you need to link a map of your venue or website to get more information. Here, "Click here" CTA will given the link of these necessary details.

➢ “Text-to-Win”- Maximum customers are always interested in getting a prize or a shot from your company. Asking them to text for contesting will increase their engagement. If you think it's effective for sales then you are wrong because Text-to-Win campaigns are always been an effective way to keep your customers in touch and continue to increase traffic and sales with them./p>

➢ " Right Timing"- Text messages are all about immediacy. It only takes 2-3 minutes to open and read the text. Customers responses effectively to the sales, promotions and events promoted through SMS and gets momentum when they are send at the last impulse. If you have an event on Saturday night then send SMS on Saturday afternoon or have a dinner promotion at the restaurant then the message should be sent at the end of the workday. Never send SMS too early in the morning or too late at night. The acceptable hours are between 8am to 9pm.

All the above-discussed points are the best way to make your SMS campaign effective. However, if you are still a bit confused and don’t know where to start then contact Datagen. We are SMS marketing experts and highly experienced. With us, you can run an effective and successful SMS campaign that yields high profits and achieve your marketing goals.

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