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2 Factor Authentication Benefits

IT industries across the globe are struggling to keep their identity and network protected and away from the reach of fraudsters and hackers. They are constantly fighting the battle of their identity and network protection. Two-factor authentication is the most powerful weapon and significant for them and even for all the industries having an online representation.

2FA gives an extra protection layer to the user accounts and the company's network but without being impregnable. It significantly reduces anyunauthorized or wrong access and system breaches.

In recent times, there has been a wide security concern by IT companies. They are constantly focusing in protecting the network vulnerabilities due to the number of increasing cases of hacking attacks on companies and even government organizations. Though, 2FA is still not being popular among user in both the corporate industries plus wider business or user community.

According to the Google survey, it has been revealed not even 10 percent of Gmail users that are using 2FA security measures for their network protection. With this blog, you will get to know about the amazing benefits of using 2 factor authentication.

1. Enhanced Security- Stop relying on the old-fashioned way of passwords. These phases have phased out so long and you are also required to come out of it as again users are unable to choose a strong password. If they do so then they forget it soon and it results in nothing except hacking possibilities. After analysing the user behaviour, we have found their popularly used passwords which are 123456, password, their DOBs and alphanumeric passwords which are guessed easily. Better to combine the password security strategy with 2FA as it strongly improves the security and best solution is to stop using the password methods.

2. Reduce helpdesk costs- We have observed that password reset is the most common and popular reasons behind dialling support calls to help desks. Even the technical support industry do a survey and revealed that over 30 percent of help desk tickets are generated for the password reset request. Here, it's the right decision to say bye-bye to passwords and welcome 2FA. With it, you can reduce the help desk pressures and even save your organisation's cost.

3. Increases mobile engagement- Today's customers and employees are accustomed to having every single important detail and even services at their fingertips. This level of internet connectivity in the digital world gives the potential business opportunities but at the same time, it focusses on the need of introducing the need for important security measures due to the security vulnerabilities. 2FA gives the powerful user validation that a company needs and those who are not leveraging its benefit for their mobile strategy are inviting the serious consequences.

4. Fraud Protection- Identity and network theft are increasing at an alarming rate. The researches have also shown that the number of hacking and theft cases of the company's identity and their network have highly increased. Switching to the 2FA improves the security and identity theft danger too.

5. Increases productivity with mobility- Companies are adopting mobility because it gives higher productivity. With mobile 2-factor authentication employees can easily and securely access their corporate data, applications, accounts, documents and more via a virtual device from any location without putting the company's security and network at a hacking risk.

After having an in-depth understanding of 2 Factor Authentication you should also have to take stand on your organisation’s security measures if you don’t want hackers and fraudsters to get the access of your important and confidential business details. So, with no delay hire a 2-factor authentication service provider in India and keep the fraudsters at a bay.

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