Bulk SMS Service: SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing: Bulk SMS service
Bulk SMS marketing

Mobile marketing via bulk SMS service came into trend to do business promotional marketing. On average 15-20% of SMS received are business related. This was about SMS marketing. Nowadays, internet-based applications such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Messenger, and others are increasingly utilized for promotional purposes and business chat exchanges.

Corporate businesses have become increasingly interested in bulk SMS marketing campaigns over the years. A TV commercial, radio commercial, newspaper ad, or e-mail advertisement, for example, does not always engage the customers (audience), because they tend to ignore or neglect such promotional messages. SMS marketing and engagement campaigns boast high open rates, ensuring that promotions are swiftly disseminated to the target audience.

Bulk SMS Marketing is the newest trend in Mobile Marketing and has several business advantages a business can benefit from. In this article, we will discuss why SMS Marketing is so popular and what the benefits are. We will discuss the types of bulk SMS (business SMS) first if we are going to focus on SMS Marketing or business SMS (bulk SMS).

Bulk SMS service is a message sending service that targets a large audience at once. To conduct bulk SMS campaigns through online portals, an SMS gateway is essential. It serves as a crucial component for managing and sending large volumes of SMS messages efficiently. There are two distinct types of category as Promotional and Transactional SMS.

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Promotional SMS

SMS messages with the name Promotional Business are inherently promotional in nature. Businesses use them to advertise products/services as well as other promotional specials and deals. Similar to traditional advertising, Promotional Bulk SMS works on the basis of mass messages. But the best thing about Promotional Bulk SMS is that it enjoys very high open rates.

Transactional SMS

Transactional business SMS are more closely related to its name as transaction. API integration enables the automation of these processes, triggering SMS messages based on specific event occurrences. These messages are typically sent by businesses to their existing or registered clients/customers to provide updates on transaction statuses. Transactional messaging includes billing information, order confirmation and status updates, successful registrations, and banking-related SMS. Only registered customers receive these types of business SMS, aimed at providing information and fostering positive customer relationships.

Mobile marketing is a huge platform and the next biggest approach to do product branding, promotion, pass banking information and more. Now let’s take a closer look at SMS marketing (Bulk SMS) and what makes it such an exciting marketing medium. 

Some advantages of SMS marketing

  • Higher Open Rate

Just like SMS emails are also a direct approach to reach a customer but it lacks in the open rate ie. 27%. Bulk SMS messaging, with an average open rate of 95%, far outperforms conventional channels for customer engagement. While emails and other customer engagement channels remain relevant in business marketing strategies, bulk SMSs are recognized for their higher open rates and faster delivery.

  • Immediate Engagement

Text messages are alway quick to reach and get delivered within seconds. Mobile phones are common now, everyone holding a smartphone is close in proximity to bulk sms marketing. As many reports have revealed about the nostalgia with mobile phones. people check their mobile phone even if they are not receiving any calls or messages. 65% mobile phone users usually check their phone just after waking up as well as 83% of smartphone users check their mobile every 15 minutes. As a result, business SMSs (bulk SMS) are the fastest way for businesses to communicate instantaneously and immediately.

  • Conversion Rate

A survey conducted by the Direct marketing agency came to the conclusion that conversion rate is 3.55% and the same by the marketing association results in SMS marketing having five times higher response as compared to email marketing. It is mainly because customers respond more quickly to SMS (text) messages than to other marketing and engagement channels, since SMS (text) messages are much easier to respond to. Subscribing to bulk SMS ensures a higher level of customer engagement and response rates for the subscribing businesses.

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