Bulk SMS marketing: A successful business marketing tool

Bulk SMS Marketing Tool

Bulk SMS marketing holds its position as a top-tier marketing tool due to the unique nature of SMS messages, which operate as a network-based text sending and receiving channel independent of the internet, distinguishing it from popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and others. This makes Bulk SMS service to target every resource who has a mobile phone. Contrary to popular belief, Bulk SMS is often unfairly perceived as a less effective marketing tool. The effectiveness of bulk SMS depends on the promoter’s ability to utilize it properly. When implemented strategically, bulk SMS can be highly effective and far from being considered ineffective.

Mobile phones have become a part of day to day life. Mobile phones are very handy and user friendly. The people used to check messaging information as well as surf the internet very frequently. It makes the open rate for SMS 98% that is higher as compared to other channels like email. If the SMS  marketing fails to give successful conversion, marketers need to rebuild the messaging approach with a well planned program that would enhance the customer engagement. 

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What is Bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is sending enchanting promotional text via SMS channel to promote the specific product. By strategically sending promotional offers and discounts, businesses can effectively captivate their prospects, generate awareness, and foster customer engagement. 

Bulk SMS Service and its advantages

To efficiently send bulk SMS messages to a large audience, it is essential to utilize the services of a dependable Bulk SMS service provider. You get an SMS gateway panel account from the SMS vendor. In one click, you can send a text message to a list of numbers. 

Few marketers are not able to fetch the progressive customer leads using Bulk SMS marketing. Businesses need to rejoice the SMS content strategies to attract more customers in one read.

Bulk SMS marketing is right for your product?

In order to facilitate customer interactions with greater speed, you probably need to say yes. 

If the Bulk SMS marketing is suitable for your business. This can have many advantages mentioned below. 

  • Best Conversion Rate

SMS has a higher open rate making it a perfect tool for customer engagement. If we all observe our activity, we all do read the SMS more frequently as compared to emails. The majority of SMS messages are typically read within just five minutes of being delivered.

You can write attractive message content for quick attention of readers. As well as text different templates at different times to observe the audience proportional to engagement.

  • SMS Consent

The purpose of bulk SMS marketing is to attract and engage customers, rather than to distract them. If a prospect is not likely to receive the text, what option he/she has to avoid?

So sustain the SMS marketing by having opt-in and opt-out options that let subscribers to receive the messaging frequently during SMS campaigns. This helps you filter the interested audience results effectiveness.

  • Immediate Delivery 

The mobile functionality to receive a SMS depends on the operator rather than phone internet. So bulk SMS messaging is quick to reach thousands of people in a single click through the SMS gateway panel. You can filter or categorize the SMS campaigns through demographics based on previous promotional advertisements. It helps in sending the right messages to the right customer at the right time.

  • Cost-Effective

Texting to a large audience on a minimum budget is always feasible in promotional  strategy. So the cost effectiveness is one of the best advantages of bulk SMS service. You shall have a higher return on investment due to high conversion rates(because SMS has a high open rate). 

Bulk SMS prices are consistently best in market and affordable range. You can also purchase high volume packages to get more volume based discounts. 

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Getting Started with Marketing Strategies

SMS marketing is so simple if you check every aspect to gain immediate results. Let’s discuss a few marketing strategies that make marketing campaigns successful. 

  • Understand purpose  

Before starting the SMS campaign you must be clear about the end goal. Decide your objective like Brand awareness, product sales, discount on product, lure customers to retail shops, increase website traffic, etc. So decide your close objective so that message text orient similarly.

  • Segmenting Audience

Separate your campaign number data as close as you can by the observations of previous campaigns and marketing already attended. It will be highly beneficial if you can manage data separation based on age, gender, occupation, previous customer, location and other demographics. 

Sending the same SMS to the same audience again and again leads to a degradation of audience interest. It would always be better to engage your audience by variation of SMS templates that results in a better conversion rate as well as give more information about the product. 

  • Include a Call to Action

Bulk SMS marketing by sending a plain text to a large number list is not a good approach. Call to action are clickable content within the SMS text so that the receiver can browse more on your product for extra information.

Call to action raises the high possibility of converting leads for your business. Some Call to actions: website link, picture link, store map, phone numbers, etc.

Note: Always convert the web link into a bit short link so that it consumes limited space out of 160 characters.

  • Tracking & Observations

Tacking and Observing the bulk SMS template and data strategy is a needed step . A regular study on the running campaign will enhance the performance in future campaigns. It will give a clear idea about the discrepancy taking place. 

You can remove the non resulting numbers, churn rate, different offers for subscribers and more according to business. Thereafter you can build variation in marketing plan to improve the conversion rate for campaigns. 

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Bulk SMS marketing is simple and effective but people still have not gained the needed cherish upon it. The SMS campaigns are simple text messages sent through a reliable  Bulk SMS gateway.

SMS marketing results best with variation in strategy like business marketing purpose, data separation, click to action, multiple templates, etc. 

SMS marketing technique is a reliable cost effective option to reach a mass audience at once. It offers you a high conversion rate that makes it ideal for businesses at small scale at a budget friendly cost.

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