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Voice broadcast for lead generation campaign comprises

Send a voice call with keypress, SMS, call patching & IVR routing technology

Voice broadcast

Use a voice blaster to send a pre-recorded message describing your product to your audience.

Keypress campaign

Allow listeners to indicate their interest in a voice broadcast by pressing a key.

Integrated SMS

Automate SMS sending on keypress. Send text with web links, form fill ups, product images, etc.

Call Patching

When a key is pressed, the call will be patched to the sales or support team.

IVR calls

A pre-recorded message will be played, followed by an IVR route if the listener presses a key.

Keypress campaign for lead generation

Voice campaign with a keypress feature

Elongate your existing apps to have voice call potential.

Broadcasting voice messages that generate verified prospects for the sales process.

Create attractive audio for broadcast. The number of keys pressed will be recorded Send a call back through your executive.

SMS for lead generation

Integrated SMS with keypress response

Collaborate voice broadcast with SMS responses.

Send promotional text SMS on keypress. Use prospect number list for later sms campaigns Include weblinks, carousel, live whatsapp, etc.

Note: Automate SMS with time , if someone listens for more than 15 sec on call, send SMS to that number.

Call patching

Voice broadcast with call patching

Connect voice broadcast calls to the sales/support team on keypress.

Transfer live telephonic leads to executives.

Business executives can explain more about products, offers, benefits, etc.

Hosted IVR

Integrate IVR system with voice broadcast

Collaborate voice broadcast with IVR responses

Routing voice broadcasts calls to IVRs upon keypress. Customize your IVR flow with IVR departments, professional greetings, and call waiting, etc. Give more options to the caller to surf a call.

Don't make your customers wait to speak with an agent or customer service representative

Dedicated panel for keypress based voice broadcast

Dashboard Report

Live Report


Lead generation with voice broadcast has built-in functionality

  • Simple voice broadcast
  • Built-in Text-to-speech
  • Voice upload
  • Number upload . excel plugin
  • Live analytics reports
  • API documentation support
  • Keypress option
  • Remove duplicates numbers
  • Download keypress number file

Boost your sales, increase leads, and enhance the user experience!

Pay only for picked up call

Clear usage based deduction approach

Huge discount for huge scale

More you send, more discount you get

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