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What is Click to Call?

Click to Call, also known as click-to-dial. A cloud-based telephony solution that allows you to call a customer's number with a click of a button, without having to manually dial the number. Clicking a button enables a person to call another individual using VOIP in real-time. It increases the calling rate of the outbound process to the customer. With a click-to-call solution, businesses can instantly integrate our API to implement a click-to-call service for outbound clickable calling. By placing a phone number on the company website or app, a consumer can receive a call from the company.

How you can Integrate Datagen’s Click to Call API

Click to Call for CRM

When a customer enquired by filling the contact details on your website. The details are moved to the CRM. Using the Click to Call API, your agents can click on a number to initiate an instant call.

Click to Call for Mobile Application

Your agents can quickly dial out with click-to-dial API integrated into your application. You can also let your customers reach you by simply clicking on the number on your user app.

What are the features along with the Click to dial solution?

No manual dialing

No manual number dialing, the CRM has a clickable calling button.

Improved Efficiency

Customer service agents can reach out to customers quickly and effectively.

Monitor conversations

Keep a record of reasons for calling and being spoken during the call.

Call recording

Record every phone call by system. It helps in making audit decisions.

Multi-Dial up

Dial and connect multiple parallel calls using the same number.

CRM/App integration

Integrate click to call API into CRM/App to enable clickable calling.

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What are the advantages of using click to call solution?

Saves Agent time

Quick calling with clickable button without manual dialing saves agent time

Better customer experience

Provide a seamless experience for the customer by reducing their effort in trying to reach you.

Increase in conversion rates

Capture and convert leads on your website/app while they’re still interested in your product by including a Click to Call button.

Zero Call Misse

A customer can reach your business at any time of the day and drop in a callback request.

Ease of contact

It is a proven fact that having a click to call option on your website will result in more engagement from customers.