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What is Tool Free Number?

A toll-free number is a number service that customer can call without being charged for it. Toll-free number are normally 1800 series numbers. Businesses that have a toll-free number have to pay charges for the incoming calls.

Start Getting Calls on Toll-Free Number

Get a 1800 toll-free service for your customers. You can publicizeit on your website, advertisements and marketing platforms. You will now be able to enjoy customer calls i.e. the call charges will not be passed on to your customers.

What are the benefits of toll-free number?

Build Brand Impression

Give your customer a brand impression with 1800 that is easy to remember, enabling them to engage without hassle.

Raise lead Conversion

Businesses benefit from toll-free numbers because they increase call rates, which leads to an increased conversion rate.

No cost to customer

You offer your customers an issue resolution service at no cost, allowing them to address queries and grievances more easily.

Boost Sales

Toll-free phone numbers are more effective in marketing campaigns. More prospects mean more customers for your sales team.

Track Marketing Campaigns

The tracking of every call you receive from website and online ads can help you analyze your marketing spends.

24 x7 Availability

You can be available to your customer seven after business hours when you have a toll-free service.

Features of Toll-Free Number Solution

Call Tracking

Measure every step of the calling process to determine its effectiveness.

Call Recording

Call recording enables you to monitor calls, listen later for audit and agent correction.

Call Routing

Enables customer calls to be transferred to the available agent to reduce wait time.

Hosted IVR

An IVR can be configured to handle toll-free calls, play welcome music, DTMF routing

Detailed Reporting

Our reporting system allows us to give you customized and detailed reports about your account.

CRM integration

We offer APIs that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with your CRM for live reporting.

Who are the businesses that use toll-free?


All the small and medium businesses handle their customer service on a toll-free number.


All the established brands like google, flipkart and more use multiple toll-free services.

Banking Sector

Banking sectors have huge incoming queries. Even toll-free number is used for chats


Facilitates patient queries, OPD bookings, reports, and emergency services as ambulances.

Financial Institutions

Promoting current offers, investment plans, and increasing customer support is essential.


Track application status, provide information on different programs, and many more.

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