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Connect with your customers through a scalable IVR system

Intelligent Call Routing

No queue system, every call is intelligently routed to the appropriate department and agent

Multiple level IVR

Design your business call routing menu with a nested IVR system. Adapt the IVR within the IVR option.

Business number

Give brand number to your customers ie. toll free number. You can port your number into IVR.

Multiple cloud services

Adopt cloud telephony services that business needs ie, SMS API, voice API, Call patching, APIs, etc.

IVR call routing

Connect Interactive Voice Response call with Intelligent Call Routing

There is AI call queueing system for calls, calls are intelligently routed to the appropriate department and agent.

Optimizing your IVR script to align with your business' messaging will ensure consistency and positive customer engagement.

In addition, a backup agent can be mapped to your high-value customers if they prefer agent routing.

Multi level IVR

Nested IVR solutions

Make it easy for your customers to navigate your IVR menu/departments.

Design multiple layers within layers

IVR number

IVR Business Number

Business numbers should always be handled professionally. Numbers starting with 1800 always convey a sense of brand.

Transform your number into an IVR number

Get an IVR service with a toll free number 1800-xxx-xxxx.

Cloud telephony services

Cloud services in conjunction with an IVR solution

As the business scales, more services will be needed. IVR is not limited to just one service.

Our bag is full of multiple cloud telephony services.

SMS API . Voice API. Email API . Call Patching. Call Masking And more.

Create a personalized experience for every conversation with IVR

Quality Voice

DTMF keypress

Integrated cloud Services

Voice Recording

Here are some IVR features that can improve inbound calls

Scalable platform

AI Call Queuing

IVR Call Routing

Builtin Text to speech

IVR Blaster

Multi-level IVR

Call Recording

Self made tones

API docs


CRM Integration

Call Reporting & analytics

Customer care & IT support

Let customers call you and serve the best engagement experience

Datagen's Customer Engagement Platform

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