Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click :

We as a Digital Marketing Company have expertise and In-house team for all the required ingredients to cook a better converting PPC as we have In-house graphic designers, Web designers , Developers and Expert Campaign Managers. Since there is no third party dependency , We are able take input directly from the client to strategize , implement and improvise in no time. Along with Adwords, we work on various platforms. For instance ,



For commencing any PPC Campaign, We first carefully analyze the industry, competitors, USP’s etc. and go for a brief discussion with our clients in order to understand their complete requirement as well as the budget. Then we strategize for the desired results.


Keyword Research & Planning

Then comes our technical part in which the most vital thing is to go through the client’s website and research on the keywords , subsequently targeting the most appropriate keywords so that the campaign is budget friendly for the client. We work on the creatives, and make any necessary changes required in the web pages.



Finally , the strategy we develop after all the research and planning , is implemented by running the campaign on different platforms based on client’s budget to accomplish the desired and maximum results.

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